Above is the reimbursement form for MLWC.  Please follow the directions below for reimbursement.

  1. Complete the Reimbursement Form.  Please be specific when filling in the Expense Description.

  2. Sign the receipt

    1. You must either provide the original paper receipt or a print-out the receipt.

    2. The receipt submitted should only have items purchased for MLWC.  No other items should be on the receipt.

    3. If the purchase was from Amazon, find the order on your account and view the Invoice.  Click on the Print this page for your records link at the top of the page.  Once the Print menu pops up, choose Save as PDF in the printers option.  This will save a PDF of the invoice to your computer.  

  3. Once you have completed the Reimbursement Form and have signed the receipt, drop both off in an envelope to Taylor Cragin at  200 Cheyenne Trail.  She will forward all requests to the Colony Office for reimbursement.  

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